Payments From Sm To Ach Transfers

when do they happen?
Ok I know i am probably over reacting but how long does it take from when sm sent the payment to payoneer (which they already did) till payoneer transfers my funds into my checking account which is how I have it set up. please help i thought the money would be there already and now i have it in the negative casue of my stupid monthly fees for my account.


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    this is crap
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    As soon as Payoneer receives the payment from SM we send it to your bank account on file. As with all ACH transfers, there are processing times for the funds to be transferred between banks. Officially this can take 2-3 business days, but it may be sooner (it depends on the bank).

    If you'd like to PM me with the e-mail address on your Payoneer account, I'd be happy to check and confirm that the payment was sent.
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