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Hello, I have tried to find any thread about this but i couldn't find it.


Ok, I'm a normal payoneer user i have my card and I live in Portugal as stated on title, if I want to withdraw a significant amount of money on my country's ATM's I will have any problems with the authorities? Imagine i want to withdraw about 4000€ from my payoneer, as I know Portugal limits are, 400€ per day, 200€ per operation, what should be the best way to get my money easily on my pocket?


Thanks in advance.


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    If your country has certain limits on withdrawing from ATMs I suggest you follow the law - our limits are different but we don't go against other countries' laws. Perhaps withdrawing from a bank teller has different limits - look into it.


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  • niqqaniqqa Member Posts: 1

    taking advantage of the Portugal topic, could someone please enlighten me regarding the following:


    - is it possible to hold a payoneer account that is in EUR ?

    - if I use only Global Bank Transfer, can I receive EUR payments and then have them transfered to my local account?


    I'm looking to understand if it's possible to avoid USD->EUR conversion rates.


    any comments is appreciated


    Thank you,


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