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My USPS has been disabled, I have tried to witdraw money from my Skrill account to my Payoneer account and from some reason it has been rejected, then I got an email that the USPS has been disabled and that Skrill isn`t in the white list of Payoneer?

"Unfortunately as the sender, MB XXXXX , is not a company on our white list of approved senders,"

*It isn`t the first time I sent money to my Payoneer account from Skrill, the first 2 payment were smooth and without any problem.

What can I do?



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    I see that after further review of the details you provided, and in accordance with the US Payment Service Terms and Conditions, we will be unable to continue supporting this service for your account. Your US Payment Service has been disabled and any pending payments will be returned to sender within the next 1-3 business days. Please be sure not to send any additional payments to your US Payment Service as they will be automatically reversed to the sender.


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