Is my card still active?


I signed up for Payoneer about a year ago and recieved my payoneer card. I used the bank details provided in the email to verify my paypal account. and everything was successful.


I didn't use payoneer for a year, and now when I saw my payment profile, the bank account information (US Payment Profile) was different. 

I got some money in Paypal but when I tried to withdraw to payoneer, my paypal account was limited saying that the bank you provided is denying transaction or it doesn't exist.


Then I added the new bank account details to the paypal account and it was successfully verified but my paypal account is still limited.


Now my question is that is my Payoneer card still working? I want to withdraw money from Freelancer, please tell me how can i check if my card is working, I dont have any money in the card just 0.39$


  • Romi
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    Could you please give me the email address you originally signed up with?

    The email you have here on the forum is associated with a new account you signed up for on Jan 27 - please note that you can only have 1 Payoneer account.


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  • nasim94
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    I face the same problem. Can I know whether my account and master card is active or not.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @nasim94 This post is from 2014 and describes a few issues, please explain what issue are you experiencing so we can better assist.