Can I cancel this monthly payment forever? Permanently?

Hello everyone, my mom has bought me a visa giftcard from our local post office located in Israel, a few moments ago I paid with my card to some site to complete an offer in a game application for the iPhone.


Now, the site is very shitty ( I paid 1 euro for a 7 day trial offer (again, I did it just for the game offer) and it said if I do not cancel it in the 7 day trial offer period I will be charged 29.99 euros per month and I don't want that to happen. (according to the offer from TapJoy, according to the site it's about 49.99)


They have contact numbers but only available through phone customer support, I tried calling them (they have US, UK and local UK numbers) but it didn't work, maybe my phone is limited to only in-country calls but anyways I really want to cancel the payment for them quickly, it seems like a fishy site with no email to contact, no forums, no community barely anything.


What should I do?


Is it possible to call my local post office and payoneer customer support and tell them to cancel this payment? Can they cancel this payment permanently? I don't care that I paid 1 euro I just don't want to be charged every month.


Thanks a lot in an advance!


  • Romi
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    It sounds like you will have to contact this site directly to remove the subscription - we cannot control it if you gave them your card details. You need to speak and confirm this with this merchant, we unfortunately can't assist with this at this stage.


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