Cannot Use Payoneer Card to Purchase Online

I tried using my payoneer card to purchase online. I've used it before and it worked, but now payment was declined for all of my purchase attempt. I tried to purchase in Amazon, WpEngine, WebSynthesis- they all said I need to check my card.


I checked the billing info in my payoneer account and made sure I entered the same info in the payment method billing. Of course my account has enough fund to purchase. Any help? Thanks. 


  • Romi
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    I do see 2 Amazon purchases from yesterday so you were able to complete these?

    Please make sure the other sites accept prepaid debit MasterCard, since if you have funds and they accept, there shouldn't be an issue. If they accept this type of card and you're still experiencing difficulty, please contact our support department:


    Community Manager at Payoneer

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