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I am in the process of creating a marketplace website where my customers can sign up for their own ecommerce websites. My goal is to accept payments on behalf of my customers, take a small percentage and then pay them out.


Similar to the elance model.


Payoneer seems like a great way to send global payments. 


What I'm trying to figure out is the steps before that... i.e. if I accept payments through a provider like Stripe, then how does Payoneer receive and distribute those funds. 


What's the easiest / recommended way to set up a system like this?


Thanks for any help and suggestions.






  • Romi
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    Hi Juliana,


    If you want to send out payments you would need to sign up as a partner.

    In order to become a Payoneer partner you will need to have a registered company, a website and at least 10 people to pay. Then we can forward this to our sales department to discuss further.


    You can PM me with these details and to ask any further questions that you may have.


    Community Manager at Payoneer

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