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Hello Hope you all are fine.


Today I sent 198.00 USD to my my card just to test.

The card load form says that for inmediate load the fees are 2.50 USD and the changes will be reflected in 2 hours. Didn't pass 5 minutes and I've received a message notifying me that my card has been loaded, but my card balance is 174.85 USD, my question is why? If I loaded 198 USD - 2.50 USD (Fees) = 195.50 USD.

 and my card balance is 


Payment Date Loader Amount Payment Status 9294736 02/04/2014 10:43 oDesk $198.00 ICO-Done.png Loaded on 02/04/14 10:47 AM


Card Balance: $174.85

 Isn't supposed to be 195.50 instead 174.85?




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    Never mind. I got a message explaining why. Thanks.

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