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Hello Anyone,


I just here I can open a paypal account by using my payooner card.


In this situation I need to know about the withdral limitaion & sending limitaion per month.


If any one open it for paypal unsuppoted country By using paypal US bank account then how much safe it is?


If any one want to get this services for unlimited then what is the process?


When paypal want to get proof of address & proof of photo ID then what to do for the people of paypal unsupported country.









  • Romi
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    If PayPal is not supported in your country please note that we cannot help you with adding Payoneer to PayPal or withdrawing any funds.

    If PayPal's not supported you cannot use it.


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  • vashikaran
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    How to Paypal connect to Payoneer @ Vashikaran