Unable to Connect Payoneer Debit Card to PayPal and PayPal Unable to Get the Ebay Fees From Us Payme

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I am a Payoneer USPS, My Paypal has a US Address and the Payoneer Address is in Sri Lanka. I have verified Paypal Using Us Payment Services and trasfered some funds to USPS from Paypal.


My Payoneer Debit Card has 20$ Balance but when i try to connect Payoneer Card to Paypal some error messege came and says unable to connect the card chekc the details i entered and re submit or try another card.


and also paypal tries to recover ebay fees from USPS that also fails. paypal inform me they were faild to recover ebay fees from my USPS bank account.



My USPS is verified with Paypal. I have transfered some funds to USPS it was ok.



So please some one help me in this regard. is this the Address issue that i am unable to connect my payoneer debit card to Paypal. and also paypal is unable to deduct ebay fees from USPS.



What would be the solution for this?



Your help is highly appriciated






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    If you're having issues with PayPal, I suggest to contact them directly. They will be able to assist you.


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