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Hi, i signed up :)


Does payneer disclose personal information to third party subsidiaries? like other business practices, iv'e never opened up a american virtual bank account before, and given 90 percent of internet users surf through american servers, and with sensitive information.


So i couldn't help to ask, if it was 2009, i guess i would've been less reluctant to ask. if customers wanted to leave could they leave, or is the data stored on servers. (ironic given when i log into youttube; google hounds we with adverts) but i don't disclose bank details on youtube, or personal information. intentions for using payneer is to stop buying insane fee's on my local credit card, when buying from america,or asia. stupid aussie dollar :( 


Thanks. :)


And would like to know, given i'm new here,



  • Romi
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    All your personal information is in our secure servers, in our back office systems. We do not give out personal information unless required to by authorities, in cases of fraud or investigation for example.


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