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Hello !

I am from argentina and today arrived my new payoneer card from VWorker... But I have two questions... I have already opened a virtual US account, what do I have to do now to link the card to the account?... And my other question is if I can use this payoneer card, without working directly from VWorker, because my main payments would be from Paypal with other crowdsourcing site...

Sorry I forgot to ask you about the PIN number, Do I have to choose the digits? because I didnt find the PIN number in the letter from Payoneer...




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    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for joining our forum! I can see that your US Payment Service application was approved, and your account/routing number were sent to you via e-mail. You can also view them via your My Account page after you've activated your card.

    To activate the card, visit: You will be asked to choose a 4-digit PIN during the activation process.

    Note: The US Payment Service account/routing number can be used to receive funds, and all funds received are automatically loaded to your Payoneer card. You can receive payments without limit, even if you receive no payments from vWorker. With PayPal, for example, simply withdraw to a US bank and enter your US Payment Service details.

    Do not try to use the US Payment Service for payments - it can be used to receive funds only. You can then use your card to spend.
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