Problem in Filling Bank Account Information

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What will be the ID Number of a bank? My bank didn't provide any ID number!


My bank provided me a 9 digit routing number for the branch where I have an account. But the form in Payoneer is not accepting it!

Also can you guys tell me is there any Payoneer account holder from Bangladesh who did bank transfer from Payoneer account? If so, to which bank account they did the transfer? That way, I can open an account in that particular branch.

Nasif A. Razzaque


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    So, I went to bank today and they can't tell me what's the ID number lol. Also for Branch Code, they couldn't provide any solution. 

    Since my bank failed to provide me a solution, kindly suggest me a bank where Payoneer had send funds. I will open an account in that particular bank.



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    Can you please take a screenshot of the Withdraw to Bank form (when adding the new bank account) and send it to us using our online e-mail form:


    Send me a PM with the reference ID number once you do (it is sent in an e-mail reply and starts with LTK) and I will make sure a member of our Global Bank Transfer Department gets back to you with further assistance.

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    PM sent.



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