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I have a problem, with $357 suddenly being lost from my Payoneer account. This is a new account, started on January 30, 2014 (26 days ago)


I have posted to [email protected] a ticket with a screenshot with all payments since my account was started. 


The total amount of money paid TO my Payoneer account (since 26 days ago when it was started) was 967

The total amount of money paid FROM my Payoneer account was 574


So, I should have a remaining balance of 967 - 574 = 393, right? 


But the money currently in my balance (refreshed 1 minute ago) is 36


$357 are lost today without any explanation and log in the transaction history. It was there until yesterday and I have not made any purchases/payments since 2 days ago. 


I am still waiting for an explanation from the Payoneer team but nothing yet, my email to them is not replied...


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    OK after some further checks I realized that Payoneer doubled charged me for the same transaction (a withdrawal from an ATM). 


    On February 22 I withdrew 250 EUR from an ATM that equals to 357 USD (the missing amount). This amount was immediately deducted from my balance and the transaction was displayed as approved. 


    Yesterday, February 26, this transaction that was approved on February 22, for some reason became "pending approval" and the amount was again deducted from my balance, even though the transaction is still "pending approval". 


    So what, when the transaction becomes approved, the $357 amount will be deducted for a third time from my balance? 


    As a new user I am a bit confused with the way it works and it is strange that approved transactions are changed to "pending approval" 4 days later and the amounts are charged twice.  


    Any explanation why this happened? 

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    I understand the confusion and am here to clear everything up.

    I see that you indeed have a transaction of $357.29 in your pending authorization section. This means the funds are being held until they're released by the merchant, according to what you withdrew. I don't see that it was deducted twice - it appears only once, in pre-authorization status on your transaction list. The bank needs to release the charge (and authorize the payment), and then it will be charged off of your account or just removed. This can take a few business days.


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    Hello Romi, 


    Thank you for clearing things up. After checking again my updated transactions list a few minutes ago, it seems that for some strange reason the $357 amount was deducted from my account on February 22 (date of ATM withdrawal), it was credited back to my account on February 25 (which I hadn't noticed until now) and it was deducted again yesterday.  Your answer and the updated transactions list cleared things up and all looks fine now. 


    Any way, next time I will be waiting for 1 week after each transaction, as it seems that some banks need this time to finalize them. 


    Thank you for very much for your fast support and your time checking the issue and helping with this. :) 

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    Great - glad I could help and explain all this to you! Next time you will know :)


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