How to get a Payooner card without through a partner

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I have been using payooner for 4-5 years now and really happy about the service.First i got the  card through Odesk to get my payments.Years have been passed by and now im in the process of starting my own consulting business and i won't be working on ODesk anymore.


I thought of using ask customers to paythrough your ACH as well as credit card load option.


Recently i asked one of my customers to paythrough the loading feature using creditcard but now it was disabled and customer service said that it has been disabled since i didn't do that much of transactions in the past through ODesk.


What is the option for a person like me who stopped working with previous card partner. i cannot work on ODesk forever to keep the service activated.Is there a way to get a card directly or transfer my card without a payment vendor so i won't be having this issue in future.Any help will be appreciated.


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    Please note that ACH transfers through the US Payment Service are only for US companies looking to pay you. You cannot receive payments from individuals and private clients.


    Regarding the private loading service - this is an additional service, only open for those who actively receive payments, as explained to you by customer support. Once you're active in receiving partner/USPS payments, the option is enabled for you. This is since it's not the main focus and business of Payoneer.


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