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I've received my card today and I was adding your phone numbers to my contacts. But I've ended up with more than one, so just wanted to verify if all is valid and ask which one(s) to prefer...


On the card:

1-800-781-8109 for customer service


On the welcome letter:

1-646-386-2433 for intl customer service & lost/stolen (ext 4)

1-888-693-3003 for us customer service


On your website:

1-646-386-2434 for lost/stolen

1-646-658-3695 x2 for intl customer service

1-800-251-2521 x2 for us customer service


Thank you...


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    Hi - for your convenience you can view all relevant phone numbers in this link:


    I see that you are located in Turkey, so you would use the international numbers.


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    Got it, thank you...

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