No Card to Card/Private Loads

pinkrosepinkrose Member Posts: 3

hi, my payoneer cards already receive money from amazon service llc several times, annual fee is also paid via auto debet. I already use the money to buy things from valve, alibaba, and aliexpress. yes its smaal number of money.

but the proble is i cant receive moneuy from card to card transfer and private load. i really need it.  I read "Once you are active in receiving payments via either of these methods" but it's not work for my card. please give me solution I need it.


thank you


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭


    Unfortunately, even though you've received some payments, you haven't reached the threshold that will allow card to card or private loads. Please continue receiving payments and the options will become available.


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