Can I receive and withdraw money even if i haven't received my card yet?

Hi. I just learned there are two ways to receive money from companies using payoneer. One is to use the debit card and the other one is a payment directly to a bank account. They say that when you sign up for an account, there will be two choices, the card and the bank transfer. But when i signed up, there is no option like that. I was asked to to apply for a debit card. So i did. It was approved but i will receive it next month, april 11-18, according to the email i receive.

I just want to ask if i can still opt for the direct transfer to my bank account whenever i request a payout from 99designs even if i have a payoneer debit card account, or even if i haven't received my card yet? If so, please tell me how.

Thank you.


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    The GBT service (bank transfer) is only available through select partners that offer it. You cannot sign up for it on the Payoneer site.

    If you're working for 99designs you can choose to be paid via GBT, straight to your local bank account. However, please note that you cannot have both the card and the GBT service for one partner - you need to choose one of the methods.


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