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Maintenance fees, number of transactions
Hi there,

I've just checked my prices & fees and noticed that there is only $1.00 maintenance fee (instead of $3.00) if there are over five transactions in a month.

But what is a transaction exactly? Only cash withdrawals and purchases included or is it counted too if I get a payment? So if I receive money from your partners two times and made three purchases in a month, will I pay only $1.00 maintenance fee? Also, are card loadings included?

And when will I pay the maintenance fee? At the end of the month? It doesn't seem so. I've already paid $3.00 for this month (right after I received my first payment) as I only received one payment and made one purchase. What if I make another 3 purchases until tomorrow? Will you refund me $2.00 (to pay only $1.00 fee) or what happens?



  • Prince14
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    When you login to your Payoneer account, click General Information then View Transactions. All the debits/credits that appear there are the transactions. I believe David or Nissim can confirm this.

    I do not think you can get a refund of fee once it is paid for the month.
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    Thank you Prince14, however I'd prefer if I could get an official answer on all of my questions.
  • zsowda
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    May I get an answer? :rolleyes:
  • Nissim
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    As Prince mentioned (thanks!), a transaction would be any purchase or cash withdrawal. So if you meet the minimum transaction requirements in June, for example, the monthly fee for July would be reduced.