i'd Love Payoneer To work with Apptopia !

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Hello Payoneer & Apptopia,


Web link : https://www.apptopia.com/


Company Based in : CA/USA



About Apptopia :


Apptopia is the marketplace that will broker the sale of these apps.  We will manage the entire process through to completion.  Starting with recommending app valuation & connecting sellers with buyers.  Concluding with escrow services, code review, and interfacing with Apple & Google on your behalf until the deal is done.


Apptopia Payment's Above $20,000 Requires bank wire ONLY ! , so i am asking Payoneer to go a head and add Apptopia to it US payment service List ASAP !


The Problem :

Apptopia only pay's developers via Bank Wire Not ACH



There are Thousnads of Developers Sell apps over $1000-$50K Daily In the market and trying to get thier money on payoneer Card!


Please move Faster!

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    Thanks for the suggestion! We will do our best to reach out to them and establish an official payment option.


    If you know anyone at the company that you can refer me to, please send me their details to [email protected] (this may help to speed things up). In addition I suggest contacting them yourself and suggesting they provide payment via Payoneer.

    Director of Community at Payoneer
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