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I got my Paypal verified via Payoneer US Payment Service. I received some money from a friend of mine in Paypal to send it to Payoneer in connection with to Link the Payoneer MasterCard with my Paypal Account. I successfully transferred money to Payoneer through my Paypal.


Its "Confirmed" in my Paypal. I got a couple of emails from Payoneer Support stating "Your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard® has been loaded with $5.50.", but my Payoneer account Balance is not showing this amount.


i.e. Card Balance: $0.07


Is there anything wrong I am doing or Its a delay on Payoneer's end or what?


A quick respond would be highly appreciated as I need to link my Payoneer card to my Paypal account and for that I need money in Payoneer Card.