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I got my Paypal verified via Payoneer US Payment Service. I received some money from a friend of mine in Paypal to send it to Payoneer in connection with to Link the Payoneer MasterCard with my Paypal Account. I successfully transferred money to Payoneer through my Paypal.


Its "Confirmed" in my Paypal. I got a couple of emails from Payoneer Support stating "Your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard® has been loaded with $5.50.", but my Payoneer account Balance is not showing this amount.


i.e. Card Balance: $0.07


Is there anything wrong I am doing or Its a delay on Payoneer's end or what?


A quick respond would be highly appreciated as I need to link my Payoneer card to my Paypal account and for that I need money in Payoneer Card.




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    You can view a full list of all credits and debits made to your account by logging in at


    We do not have access to your account information here on the forum, so for specific account questions you would need to contact our customer support department:

    Director of Community at Payoneer
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