I´m not Able To See Accounts Associatted With This Card

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How Can i See My Accounts Associated with this Card ? They no Longer appear on the right hand side.


PS : ( I manage to find them , they are in Funding Sources ).


I need to remove one account that i have associated with my Payoneer Card,  because i will associate that Account  with the same Company from which i receive my payments, but on different username inside the Company .


Should i Call Payonner or is enough if i just Contact Support Center ?


I´ve done this process in the past, and Support center respond within days, i was needed to Call in order to Speed Up the process, but calling from Europe to USA is very expansive.


Answer is much appreciatted .


Thank you


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    In order to do this you will need to contact our support department. You can email us, call us or use live chat, although it is always preferable to call since it will be handled faster and without further delays such as in emails.


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