Paypal issues + Upgrading my payoneer

Hello, I'll start off by saying I have issues in adding my us bank account to my paypal since 2013. I added the card without problems but things are different when it comes to the bank account. I contacted paypal and they told me to contact you, I also don't have the posibillity to call them or speak to them via skype, I can use their support ticket system or email them. What should I do?


The second question: I am soon going to create a small business, to be more specific I'll make a PPD network (I guess you guys know what's that already but if you don't check to see what I mean.), will I be able to simply upgrade my payoneer from personal to business or I need to get a new card? What would be the costs? Which one of the business plans would suit me the best considering that I will receive payments from 5 or 6 different CPA networks and I'll have to pay hundreds/thousands of users weekly & monthly? I don't expect the cash flow to be big at first but it might increase from time to time.


Thank you!


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    First of all, I would suggest contacting PayPal in whichever way is accessible to you. They can manually check your account and help you add the bank details.


    Regarding your business - you won't be able to upgrade your existing account. As a registered company you can sign up as a Payoneer partner - partners don't get a card but an account/dashboard through us, where they manage everything and pay their payees. This will only be for sending money - receiving money is separate (through your personal account and card).

    Once you register your company and have a website, please contact us or me in person ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to pass it on to our sales department so they can contact you and discuss a potential partnership.


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