attach Payoneer to Russian Paypal?

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Hey everyone,


This is my first post, glad to be here.


As you can see in the title, I have a Russian Paypal, so I'd like to attach my Payoneer card (I live in Georgia,EU currently), is it possible? I mean, when I go to settings in my Paypal, it says 'attach Russian bank account', I haven't tried yet, will my Payoneer do fine?

Another question, some say it's only possible for US people to attach Payoneer to Paypal (since Payoneer is US transfer service), I doubt it's true, but...


I would be very pleased if someone could answer my question (especially the one regarding Russian Paypal and Payoneer).


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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for posting!


    PayPal recently updated their regulations for Russia, now only allowing you to withdraw funds to a Russian bank account.


    In regards to adding a credit/debit card, you should be allowed to add your Payoneer card. If there are any issues when adding it you will need to contact PayPal customer support.


    I can confirm, however, that non-US residents can also add their Payoneer card to PayPal - subject to their terms and conditions.

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    I tried to attach, but Payoneer gave me a negative warning, it says, unless the card is Russian (bank account), it can't be attached. It goes for other countries as well.


    So, does it mean, if we don't live in the USA (or using US paypal), we can't withdraw funds to Payoneer?


    I mean, all Payoner cards are US based, right? (I can see an adress on my card and it says CA,US).



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    Due to the new regulation, I'm afraid these are the limitations imposed on Russian PayPal accounts. We unfortunately cannot control their terms & conditions.


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