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Name: Muhammad Rajib Hassan, Country: BD, Lang: English ticket number: LTK1216101708548X.


I am continuously receiving e-mail from fanbox, they are asked to collect Ipl fees from my card. Unfortunately, I have filled my credit card details on their website and now I don't want to make those payments from my card, I want to discard them and don't allow them to access and receive payments from my card. I mean I want to block fanbox right now. Received sample mail is attached in a pdf document. Please take necessary action as soon as possible and let me notify about the status of your action.


I have sent mail to support center and want advice from forum members and administrator's.



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    I'm afraid we won't be able to help with this here on the forum, so it's great that you've sent an email to support. Note that you can always choose to use our live chat option or call us directly for a quicker response (as emails can take up to 3 business days to be replied to).


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    Dear, Muhammad, you have accepted the pre-approved payments with this site, that is why they are chrging you for the usage of UPL, which is a service to help members to start earning right away! You are not obligated to use it and pay, but it seems you just signed up to the site and didn`t paid attention to the information you were given!

    Anyway if you want to remove your credt card you need to login in your Faanox account, go to Account Setting---Manage my Account Protection and from there you remove your credit card!

    To remove account you do it from the same page!

    My advice is to take a look at the site and at the people there and how they do and earn, because you can lose a grea opportunity of having fun and earning doing the things you love!


    I also attached a screenshoots with just some of my withdrawals!

    Good luck!

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