Browser won't accept PO Box address on join-up form

jfcjfc Posts: 2Member

Hi, I'm trying hard to join Payoneer. Problem is I supplied street address in the form then for shipping need to use PO Box address as there is no mail delivery service here in Vanuatu. I type in my PO Box 237 but form says I haven't filled this box out. So then I added Port Vila to the address then Port Vila, Vanuatu. Still wont accept it in my IE browser. So then tried the same thing in Chrome and Firefox. Still won't work. What the heck am I doing wrong?



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    Hi James,


    Sorry to hear you're having trouble signing up. Have you tried erasing your cache and cookies on the browsers?

    According to Payoneer's shipping policy, we can ship to the PO Box address that you provided but require your home address for our records. Please try using more characters - PO Box 237, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Perhaps it weren't enough characters for the form to accept.
    Please let me know if you managed to sign up. Thanks!


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  • jfcjfc Posts: 2Member

    OK..... I finally got Mozilla to accept it. Form has gone to you guys. Not sure whether it has accepted shipping address though,

    PO Box 237, Port Vila, Vanuatu.  We don't have mail deliveries here. All us expats have to use PO Boxes.

    The ref # is  4227008


    Here's hoping.....

    James F. Coyle

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