IBAN and BAC numbers?

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Hello, I am in the process of setting up some business transactions otside the US, and in order for payment to be facilitated to me i need some additional information about my US payment agreement

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): The IBAN is a worldwide number for your account, which facilitates the processing of cross-border transactions. BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BIC is the world's unique designation for a bank.

I need these two numbers please, as I cannot find it in my acount dashboard.

Thank you



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    hello let me help you you can find your IBAN and BIC Sign in to your account payoneer> recive payment >  My US Payment Service Profile

    IBAN= Account Number  and BIC = Routing

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    Hi Michael,


    The US Payment Service only provides you with an account number and routing number - for a US bank account. We do not have IBAN or BIC to give you as part of this service. If this is a European company you're trying to get payments from, you might be interested in applying for the pilot program of our EUR Payment Service.



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