I'd love Payoneer to work with TransferWise.

TransferWise is a peer-to-peer money transfer service launched in January 2011 and  based in London. The commission charged is usually 0.5% and money is converted at the interbank rate, in contrast to the company setting a premium rate.


  • crammcramm Posts: 8Member
    +1 I'd be great if the USPS Bank account could be used as the destination one in Transferwise operations.
  • misaizdalekamisaizdaleka Posts: 5Member
    Any progress with this? Transferwise is becoming real popular, it'd be great if it could go with US payment service.
  • misaizdalekamisaizdaleka Posts: 5Member
    I just gave it a try and Transferwise is working perfectly with the US payment service.
  • crammcramm Posts: 8Member
    edited February 2015
    > @misaizdaleka said:
    > I just gave it a try and Transferwise is working perfectly with the US payment service.

    @misaizdaleka that's great.

    Could you please give more details about the kind of transfer you performed? e.g.

    - Is you Payoneer USPS account hosted with First Century Bank or Bank of America?
    - What source currency was used and from which continent/country?
    - What kind of transfer did TransfeWise (ACH, Intlernational wire, etc.) finally use to credit your Payoneer USPS check account?
    - How did you manage the TransferWise requirement by which you must inform the paying party the US state where the destination account is based?

  • payoneerjosepayoneerjose Posts: 6Member
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  • hmaestahmaesta Posts: 2Member

    I can't transfer to Payoneer by Transferwise using my USD "First Century Bank".
    If I had a Bank of America account (on Payooner) is it possible?
  • MoyenMoyen Posts: 13Member ✭✭

    Payoneer already works with Transferwise. You can transfer your USD funds from Transferwise to your US Payment Service account. I've been using the service for a while now and it works great.

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