My Card Not Arrive Over To The Due Dates

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My card is estimated to arrive between 8/30/2013 and 9/6/2013 as seen in the card status in my account. But i've not received it yet.

I contacted the Customer Support (40 days ago) & got this reply:

"Thank you for your email.

If you do not have the card in your possession, we will send you a new card once you receive a payment to your account, via either of the following options:

1) If you are working with another company that offers payment via Payoneer, you can link your Payoneer account to your account with that company and receive a payment.  For details on how to link your Payoneer account to a new partner, visit this blog post:

If you do not see the option to link to an already existing Payoneer account, please reply this message with the name of the partner/company and we will be more than happy to assist you.

2) According to our records you were invited to apply for the US payment service in an email sent to you. This service allows you to receive US ACH transfers from US companies, directly to your Payoneer account. Please reply to the invitation email in order to get approved for the US Payment Service. Once you receive funds through your US Payment Service, we will be able to send you a new card.

Once you’ve completed either of the steps listed above, please reply to this message and we will be more than happy to assist you.


& what i want to know is:
Can i receive payments from other payoneer user in order to fulfill the criteria that is said in above message. If yes, then what is the minimum amount that i should have in my account? 

And Is there any charge involved in issuing a new card? 

( I replied the message with above questions to customer support but never got answers so writing here. Hope to get help seriously.)

Thanks in advance

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    You cannot receive payments from another Payoneer account holder. You need to receive payments from Payoneer partners or through the US Payment Service. If your card has never arrived you will not be charged to issue a new one - however, we require that you receive a payment first with the methods mentioned above.


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