Payoneer and Google Play get along?

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Hi, I'm another indie developer looking to sell games on Google Play. My country is not approved by Google. I've read oter post here about this issue and it is common that none has received an appropriate response. 
I would try again. The specific question is: 
I'm from Venezuela, Can I sell games on Google Play and receive payment through payoneer? 
I greatly appreciate a response. I know many developers are in the same situation as me and would like to get an answer. 
Thank you very much in advance!
PD: I know payoneer is a debit card and I know about the US payment service.


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    Please note that if your country isn't supported by Google there is nothing Payoneer can do to assist.

    If someone has a Google Play account and a Payoneer account, and that person's Google Play account allows withdrawal to a US bank, then one can use the US Payment Service to receive payments from Google Play.


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