Help me understand fees and exchange rates.

AndrejDSAndrejDS Posts: 5Member
I don't understand MC exchange rate
some things doesn't match
I bought something for 19250RSD, and on that day 1RSD was 0.011776$ witch is 226.6$
It took around 235$
And I know that after pending transaction, amount it takes is fixed by that day's exchange rate
but today after pending I got -235.45$
instead of 225.9$ because today on a pending day 1RSD is 0.011736$
Really don't understand if there is no FEE :/
Please respond when you see this

P.S Romi, it would be great if you could PM you Skype, I have Nissim's Skype, but he is rarely online.


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    Hi Andrej,


    Anytime money crosses borders or currencies, MasterCard and the issuing bank apply processing fees to the transaction. This is true of both POS (Point-of-Sale) and ATM transactions.

    If you make a transaction in a currency other than your Payoneer card’s currency, this will be considered a foreign transaction. Transactions in a currency other than your Payoneer card currency will be converted to the card currency.

    The currency conversion rate used is based on either a wholesale market rate or in effect one day prior to the processing date for the transaction and may include additional charges assessed by MasterCard and Payoneer. A similar fee is applied when your Payoneer card is used in USD but in a country other than that of the card’s issuing bank. This is called a “cross border” fee.


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  • AndrejDSAndrejDS Posts: 5Member
    Ok Romi thanks for an explanation :)

    But unfortunately I have another problem now, I need to request a new Payoneer card for the safety reasons. Are you authorized for this, and if you are, is there any other way we can talk about this, Skype for example?

  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭
    I unfortunately cannot help you with this here - please contact our support department for assistance:
    Support will assist with ordering a new card.


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