How to know if I added correctly my payoneer card as one method in Elance

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I'm not sure if my question is already answered.


I want to seek help regarding withdrawal method in Elance.

Is there any way I will know If i added the correct card of my existing Payoneer card?

Upon checking my payoneer account, under the funding sources, there's an "Elance Escrow Corporation" added.
When I checked my Elance account, under the Withdrawal method, there's a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard has been added. But I'm not sure if I added it right or the correct card i have, I'm afraid If I added my expired payoneer card.  Please need your help. Thanks!
By the way, 
Does anyone know whats the number next on the "Payoneer" word? please see image below.


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    I can suggest contacting Elance regarding this matter - you probably can find the card you have associated in your Elance account.


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    Hello kinabuch,

    You can easily check this. You will get below message when you will signup into payoneer for a card. Check your email inbox.

    "Your reference number in our system is 5*****8.
    Please refer to this number when contacting us regarding your application. "

    To check in elance go Manage> financial account >Active account >Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®.
    You will see PAYONEER #5*****8 .

    Which will be the same of your reference number in payoneer system.
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