Confused which type of card to get?

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Having watched all of the videos and even contact support desk (who took 5 days to get back to me and still didn't answer my question) I need help trying to work out which card to get.  Can anyone help me?


I have a website selling clothing which is linked to Paypal and I receive funds in USD.  I need to then pay my supplier in USD but I don't want to have Paypal send the funds back to my NZ bank account and have them converted from USD to NZD only to have to turn around and pay my supplier in USD from my NZ bank account.


So I need the ability to receive money from paypal which I understand I need a Payoneer Account for and then need to arrange US Payment Service.  The issue I have is that my sales could reach $10,000 USD per day and I need to pay my supplier that amount each day.  So is it an Enterprise account that I need?  If I get an enterprise account can I still receive money from Paypal through US Payment service?


The normal Payoneer account lets me receive and withdraw funds which is what I also need but there are daily limits of $5,000 USD.


Then there is the Mastercard?  How does that work? Is that separate again?  Seriously, I am so confused but need this card asap so please can someone help me work this out, the website just doens't give enough information.



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    In order to sign a partnership with Payoneer you would need a registered company with a website, as well as a minimum of 10 payees to pay (one is not enough).

    You can sign up for a regular account but the limits that you mentioned will be the ones you'll need to follow. A regular account signs you up for a Payoneer card. Along with that you can sign up for the US Payment Service to receive payments from PayPal - you can read more here:


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