Need to clarified a few things before using payoneer

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Here are the few issues im facing.


issue 1

I do not see an option to withdraw fund from Payoneer to my local bank account. The card been activated and i don't see that option in my account.


issue 2

How much does it cost to transfer fund from paypal to payoneer? 


issue 3

what should i click in paypal in order for it to transfer my account to payoneer? Do i add a bank account in paypal and add those routing information from payoneer?


issue 4

is there a maintaining fee? like as long as there is fund in payoneer you charge? if you charge, how much?


issue 5

assume i manage to withdraw the money from my payoneer account to my local bank. What are the charges? Do both sides charge? payoneer and my local bank and also mastercard?



I did read the faq and looked around but there are so many different answers, please answer straight to the point thanks! 



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    1) This is a new service we introduced as a pilot program a little while ago. It's currently not available for all our account holders and we're just testing it right now. We hope to open up the option and enable the service for more people in the near future, hopefully within a month or so. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


    2) When transferring a payment from PayPal to Payoneer, using the US Payment Service, you are charged 1% off the transaction amount.


    3) You will need to have the option to withdraw to a US bank account through your PayPal account.


    4) You can access a full list of fees & pricing in your Payoneer account, by logging in and finding this under "General Information".


    5) Right now we cannot enable the option to withdraw to your bank account. When the option is enabled there are fees charged by us as well as possible fees from the corresponding banks. This is calculated at time of withdrawal.


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