Change Shipment Address


I registered with payoneer back in 2010. I was working in Kuwait at that time, so my card was shipped to Kuwait.

Later, in 2012, I moved to sweden on a new job and requested payoneer to change my address to Sweden. And the address in my profile was changed to Sweden.  Now my card is expiring in July and when I went to renew my card, the shipment address is still of Kuwait. I have been contacting PayOneer Support to change my shipment address, but all in vain.

The Swedish ID card does not have address on it and I do not have any utility bill in my name. So, they refused to change it. Then I have sent them my id card from Pakistan (NIC and NICOP). Both of these have my address (Urdu and English) and requested them to change my shipment address to Pakistan. Its about 2 weeks and nothing yet. I tried to ask on Chat and everytime they say, It is in process. Will take 1 or 2 more days. But still nothing is done.


First of all I wonder why they keep profile address and shipment address separate?

Secondly, why it is so difficult to change shipment address to sweden when it is same as of profile address?

And lastly, why it is taking so much time to change address to Pakistan when I have provided my ID cards (both in Urdu and in English)?


Can someone out there help me out?


Thanks in advance.



  • devxone
    devxone Member Posts: 6

    I have already provided with all my identification documents. And with more than 1 month of chat with Payoneer Support, I was able to get it shipped to my address in Pakistan. And I have received and activated it.


    Thanks  & Regards