No Withdrawal Option

One of the biggest reasons people sign on to Payoneer is because we want a shorter way for funds from Paypal to be in our local bank accounts. 


I applied, verified my information and even have a card on the way. Guess what I find out?  


I don't have a withdrawal option. This means that I can't withdraw funds from my local bank account. When I ask why, an operator always says something generic like " The service is still new".


If the service is still new and is not available to everyone, why advertise it?  You mean to tell me that I wasted 2 weeks of application only to be told that I can't withdraw my money? I've heard about your card delivery and I know I still have a long time to wait.


 Why we even bother with this service sometimes, is beyond me. I guess we're still holding on to the hope that it might just work .... despite the evidence against it. 


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    Thank you for your interest in our Withdrawal to Bank Account Service! This is a new service we introduced as a pilot program a little while ago and allowed people to sign up for it. It's currently not available for all our account holders and we're just testing it right now. We hope to open up the option and enable the service for more people in the near future (we're almost ready to roll it out). I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope you can bear with us a bit longer until this is available for you as well.


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    Hi Romi,


    Egopay been one step ahead of Payoneer. While you are still in the discourse and advertising, Egopay have implemented these features..Do you know, from EGOPay can transfer funds into OkPay( i hope egopay included Neteller to) , Payza, local banks, and vice versa.





    Such features make it easier for customers to do online transactions (not all online transactions can be done by Payoneer because not all of the seller or buyer become a customer of Payoneer) and it looks like there is a tendency to follow the steps by other payment processor is one of them Payeer with OKPay. I once made ​​withdrawals in OKPay to payeer. When is Payoneer can be like that? I was really expecting it. Because I tried to rely on Payoneer as my main payment processor. I like payoneer, i want payoneer be a leader for payment Processor with new innovations 


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