Problem Withdrawal From Odesk

Hi ! I have recently linked my Odesk Account with my payoneer debit mastercard. I want to transfer my funds from ODesk To payoneer but Odesk it not allowing me to do so. As whenever I try to click on "Get Paid" button in Odesk they give me following message


"Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with your Payoneer card. Please contact Payoneer support and refer to Payee ID ***** "


I have mailed payoneer customer service but they didn't reply me.I also contacted Odesk support community but they are saying that this is the problem from payoneer's side. I have an active Payoneer account and recently transftered money from Elance and successfuly to my card but not from Odesk. Why ?


Please help me out 


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    Do you have a ticket number I can refer to? Thanks!


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  • karimbaidarkarimbaidar Member Posts: 3

    Oh Thanks a lot for replying to my post. 


    This is my ticket number : LTK1216101977266X

  • karimbaidarkarimbaidar Member Posts: 3

    Extremely sorry for my late response 

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