Non-transparent terms and conditions



I am writing you regarding your Pricing and Fees and Terms and Conditions. As you can check from my email communication with your company, I have asked for all the fees and charges related to using Payoneer Mastercard for withdrawals and payments in the Czech Republic, and all I got was a vague and non-transparent answer.


However, could you explain to me this?


Your Pricing and Fees says: 


*There is a fee for transactions originated in a country outside of the country of issuance OR in a currency different than the card currency above all fees assessed by MasterCard.



Regarding to this, your Terms and Conditions says:


9. Foreign Transactions.

If you make a transaction in a currency other than the card currency, this will be considered a foreign transaction. Transactions in a currency other than the card currency will be converted to the card currency. The currency conversion rate used is based on either a wholesale market rate or the government-mandated rate in effect one day prior to the processing date for the transaction and may include all charges assessed by MasterCard. The currency conversion rate used by MasterCard on the processing date is based on current foreign exchange and cross border rates and may differ from the rate in effect on the transaction date or on the date that the transaction posts to your Card. For foreign transactions, Payoneer charges a fee above all amounts charged by MasterCard, including fees to the card issuer. For more information on fees please check the Fee Schedule available from your account
To view conversion rates published by MasterCard go


Can you please explain to me, how is it possible, that your Terms and Conditions are non-transparent regarding to that fee? You can charge like a 200 % fee or what? Is that even legal? The second thing is that I have literally asked about this fee before creating my account, and your support service was not able to provide me with appropriate answer.



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