2co Send Payment But Account Is Locked

2CO send payment but account is locked
Hello Payoneer,

2CO send payment but my account is locked. I have payoneer account since 2009 and my card has expired, and now 2CO send me payment with old payoneer account.
I have contact payonees customer service 2 days ago but not received any replies (ticket ID b]LTK52902438838X[/b) then I open ticket again b]LTK52902546750X[/b this day. Hope payoneer receied my email :unsure:


  • TaliaTalia Moderator Member Posts: 428 ✭✭
    Hi lordfavor,

    I see you sent a message yesterday and another one today. We should get to your email today and reactivate your account for you. It isn't blocked, it's just closed because it wasn't active.
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  • TaliaTalia Moderator Member Posts: 428 ✭✭

    I've activated your card so you can receive the payment now, but it may have not gone through. Either way, once you receive the Good News email, contact our support so we can send you a new card and unblock your account.
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  • lordfavorlordfavor Member Posts: 2
    Hello Talia,

    Thank you for reply,
    I have received 2 email and now waiting your card. Hope Payoneer send my card using my home address, because i cannot login to my account to see if my address is true or not (Account Blocked! (#MA104) and Error wrong data).
    On your second email I have read some strange expiry year 16 July 2010(?) :mellow:

    Now I am waiting your card and activating.

    Thank you
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