How can remove a subscription ?



Almost 20 days ago I added my mastercard details in a " Google Apps for business marketplace sign up " without knowing anything ( just for feeling interest ).. After 7 week I logged in to my payoneer accunt and found that google had cut around 10$ from me :( .. They didn't even ask me O.o  It is may be a monthly billing system. Now, I am realising that if google cuts 10$ per month I will lost my whole balance and leave freelancing :(


I have found that paypal has this system to remove the relationship/ subscription from the service seller. Do you have the system like them ?


I can't remember in which gmail account I signed up ( Though I tried to find the account, did not reach it ).


Please let me know how can I remove the subscription of google. I found that marchent name

" GOOGLE*SVCSAPPSUNI-DIG " .  Please mention me if you need the transaction number.


Thank you


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    Unfortunately we cannot cancel these payments for you - please contact Google in order to remove this from your billing.


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  • MoonMoon Member Posts: 2

    What if he or someone else, took a trial on some shady website ? And that shady website started charging him ? What would be the solution in that case ?

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