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Hi there,  

I have an internet shop on Etsy, and the only way to get payed is PayPal, but in Ukraine PayPal have restrictions on there accounts, I can't receive funds, So I decided to open an account in Jordan and link it to my Payoneer card.

Here is the problem: in order to link the card there must be at least 5$ in the card account, and there is no way to load funds to that account. I tried transferring money from a visa card with no luck. I contacted customer support with no luck too.


Is there a way to load funds to my Payoneer card so that i can link it to PayPal?


I know that in order to activate the card, i need to pay ~30$, but if i transfer 5$ to my account will it be considered as part of the activation fees, in other words do i have to transfer 30$ + 5$, or 5$ is enough to link the card. If I can transfer this amount of course. 


I really need a solution, i'v been going around in circles.

Thanks in advance 


P.S.  I'm not a free lancer, I can't get payments from other companies. elance, shutterstock, ... etc


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    Please note that all PayPal accounts are initially unverified and have limits on sending and withdrawing money.
    It is worthwhile to check if you can start transferring your funds from your PayPal account to your US Payment Service: log into your PayPal account, go to the “My Account” menu, select “Overview” and click on “View Limits”. You can receive funds from any official Payoneer partner, or US company using the US Payment Service.
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