Don't treat your customers like cheaters! You aren't the FBI.

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Thank you Payoneer for being so arrogant, now I know I can't trust you.

I received my payment from Google, like previous months. Now Payoneer asks me to show all my AdSense data: full payments history, performance reports, associated websites. On top of that I must prove that I'm the owner of those websites by uploading a file.
You simply can't treat your customers like cheaters. I understand that you run a monopoly and you are used to look down on your customers from the Third World, but I think that acting like the IRS or the FBI must a tiring job.
Normal banks receive transfers and simply credit their customers' accounts. But Payoneers is different. They are "fraud hunters".

Every month I need to prove with documents that I'm a "good boy", in order to get my payments approved; I need to beg for you to release my money (which is already in your bank earing interest), and to have the honor of being charged a 1% fee.
But, unlike those desperate customers from the Third World, I got alternatives. I thought your service could be great, but it's being a nightmare. I'm getting fed of this.

Seven month ago I applied for a Payoneer card, and US Payment Service. I submitted all documents and info, and my application was approved. Then I started receiving payments. Everything was OK, until my payments started to get blocked, for no reason and without notification, on top of that. I had to beg Payoneer moderators to unlock my money. It's hard to believe that we are paying for this service.

You need to understand that there're limits regarding your customers' privacy. You already have all my personal information and my ID. Now you ask to see screenshots of my activity and websites, or you wont pay me. What will be next? My medical and financial reports, fingerprints, my passwords, a family photo? Here in Europe we have laws that protect our privacy, unlike the US where any company can look up your credit report, address history and police records.
You will always argue that "this is for your protection", but you can't request more documents than a bank! You can't be more suspicious than Google itself!

My money comes from AdSense, you received an ACH transfer in my name from Google to your BOA account. What else do you need? Do I need to explain how online advertisement works? Money doesn't come from organized crime.

AdSense policy states that account data is considered to be confidential information and cannot be disclosed. Publishers are not allowed to publish screenshots of AdSense reports or statistics. You should read this article:

@moderators. Just before you answer with: "payment regulations require that we follow certain security procedures, some payments may require a manual review, we may ask for additional information".
I remind you that other financial institutions (online banks, prepaid cards, e-wallets) have the same regulations and they have never blocked my money or treated each transaction as potentially fraudulent. That difference renders your service inefficient.


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    First of all - I would like to apologize for any frustration or inconvenience our requests may cause. Secondly, I would like to assure you that any re-review or verification process we go through with our account holders is due to certain terms & regulations that we must follow, since we are a fully regulated US company. Because we deal with people's money & business, we must make sure that we verify everything perfectly, so no mistakes happen on either side.
    Asking for screenshots and proof of payment/line of business is solely for internal use, for verification purposes and to make sure everything fits with our terms & conditions, and the rules we must follow. This is really a standard review and procedure that we give to everyone who uses our services at one point or another.
    I can see that your service was approved, payments loaded and you were emailed by the USPS department with their apologies and explanations as well. I'm sorry again for your frustration and hope from now on we'll be sailing smoothly.


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  • jooteejootee Member Posts: 3
    well i'm not surprised to see that they have not changed making life hard for been 3 days with transaction pending the most annoying thing is screenshots has been sent and yet transaction has not been approved i feel like this is a fraudulent act if not it's not meant to take forever before approving transaction more so when all required information has been [email protected]
  • GianmarcoPayoneerGianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,711 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @jootee We do apologize for the delay in response time from our department. Please be advised anytime documents,screenshots, etc are submitted, it can take up to 5 business days for review.

    Luckily our payments team reviewed the documents. It appears your payment already loaded to your account.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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