4th of July delay?

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Hi, I contacted support via email but wasn't exactly sure what their response meant. I am paid every Friday early afternoon on Payoneer. I don't do bank transfer so I just load it onto my card. Seeing as how this upcoming Friday is a holiday I was curious if it would affect my payment. Support said, "Please note that 4th of July is not business day for Payoneer , therefore can be delays in receiving payouts from companies, however the payment can be still loaded." So what exactly does this mean? There can be delays but the payment can still be loaded? That doesn't make much sense. Does it mean as long as the money reaches Payoneer by Friday that I can still load the money onto my card, even though no one will be working? Thanks for any information!


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    What this means is that since it's a national holiday, there might be a delay in incoming payments, but not necessarily. We just let you know in case there's a delay.


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