Request for start Payoneer Office Bangladesh


I am from Bangladesh and do outsourcing as a full time work. and Payoneer help me a lot. Thanks for that help. 

In Bangladesh there is lot of freelancers  here and almost 80%-90% of them have a Payoneer account. 


So my request is, is it possible to open a office in Bangladesh like oDesk and Elance did, so freelancers can get more help from the local office.


I think By doing that Payoneer also get more business from Bangladesh. 


Please consider me if I made any mistake. Thanks


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    Thank you for the suggestion. We're currently working on having a representative in Bangladesh and along with that we have the community section here and vast customer support and resources for freelancers. We won't open an office but we're trying to have all points of contact with the community in Bangladesh.


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  • sarkerdebsarkerdeb Member Posts: 1
    Did you appointed any agent in Bangladesh? If not, then I am interested to be that.

    Shahodeb Kumar Sarker
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 595
    Hi @sarkerdeb, thank you for approaching us, however we do have a brand ambassador in Bangladesh. 
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    Do you have any project to do earn in online, everyone thinking for earning but no one thinking about the future, if anyone can earn via online then no one will work for physically, we must be understand about online trading business, which should be benifit by government and should be benefits for the next generation or should be benifit for human being then everyone will be want a office in Bangladesh. Please forgive me if I comments anything wrong.
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