I want to start an online shop, which Payment processor can I use to receive money to Payoneer

Hello community.

Today I have started working on this idea of mine and I need your help.

I want to start an online shop and what I need now is a payment processor which would enable my buyers to use cards to make purchases and that payment processor also has to have an ability to send money to my Payoneer card or Payoneer’s US Payment Service.

If you know any please share them with me 

Thanks ;)


  • shehryarshehryar Member Posts: 5

    The answer I received from Payoneer regarding that was:

    "Please note that Payoneer is not a payment processor, and we do not support promotion of our Private Loading Service as an official payment method for your online business"

    however at the same time, if I Google it I get this:

    "Payoneer's private money loading service allows the flexibility to let anyone add funds to your prepaid card. Whether it's a friend, a parent or a customer making..."

    Don't know which one is it. This is very confusing.

  • 123pirate123pirate Member Posts: 2

    Well I need a third party payment processor like Paypal or Stripe

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