ATM withdrawl problem - Amt refund processing time

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About a month back I got a trouble while withdrawing some amount through an ATM. I didnt got the cash and so I raised a support ticket with Payoneer. I have personally visited the bank and on the same day they have contacted payoneer too on this issue.

But still date I didnt got my amount back in Payoneer.



Though you people specified 90 days time, isntit toooooo long to keep our money? :-)


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    The dispute was filed on June 8th. We say it will take up to 90 days as this is a process that needs to be checked out between us and MasterCard.


    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience for the time being. 

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    The dispute was filed on 31st May itself by me. But you people replied me only on June 8th. 

    Apart from this 90 days as you said, it was another 9 days almost. 

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