Amazon affiliates report taxes ?

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I am an existing Amazon affiliate.



I am an international seller (I don't live at USA)

Till today I got paid by Check.


From each check I got, 15$ were deducted as P&P by Amazon.




That is why I signed up to Payoneer, in order to get paid using a wire transfer and not pay those P&P.




Till today, Amazon said nothing about taxes as I am not a USA resident and get paid by sending the Check internationally.



But now that I will give them the USA Payoneer bank - will they report me to the USA IRS ?



Please also see the following link from Amazon:




Thank you,



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    The taxes will depend on the country that you are in and their tax stipulations.


    With regards to Amazon, it is best to contact them directly.

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    Thanks Justin,


    But just to sharpen my specific question - If I got paid till today by Check and had no issues with IRC.



    But today I change the payment system to use your US Payment Service - Will anything change regarding the taxes ?

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    There shouldn't be any changes in your terms, but we still suggest you follow through with Amazon and your local tax requirements.

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    ok, Thank you.

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