Nice to join to you

jnasserjnasser Posts: 6Member



i'm new in this forum but not on Pyaoneer, i believe this forum can answer our questions now or in future to make the work an easy to process.


nice to join to you.


  • RomiRomi Community Manager Posts: 2,706Member ✭✭✭

    Hi, welcome! :) 


    Community Manager at Payoneer

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  • jnasserjnasser Posts: 6Member

    Thanks Romi  :air_kiss:

  • HughniqueHughnique Posts: 1Member

    Hi Guys 


    I have just received my Payoneer Card, currently enrolling with Payoneer partners as a freelancer. I am facing a number of challenges and  I hope to get support from you. 

  • CharlyAgCharlyAg Posts: 1Member

    Hola, soy nuevo en este Foro y quiero hacer unas consultas sobre la tarjeta: 


    Puedo Retirar Dolares o Pesos Argentinos de un cajero automático de Argentina?

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