Skrill (Moneybookers) to Payoneer withdrawal

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I withdrew money from my Skill (Moneybookers) account to payoneer on and still have not recieved it in my payoneer account. Skill says the withdrawal has been processed but it's yet to appear on my Payoneer account. Usually it just took a day for the funds to appear. Online chat support seems to have been offline today and I've been waiting for it to get back on with no luck.

Help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Shehryar,


    I have looked into your account and the payment has been completed and ready to be loaded, you can check a bit later on today for updates. Please note it generally takes up to 7 business days for the funds to show.

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    Dear sir,


    I have similar problem. I couldn't upload payments from skrill account

    to Payoneer master card. It brings the following message:-


    The upload with MasterCard failed. Please try again.  


    Please note that I successfully registered Payoneer Master card on my skrill account and 

    a small amount of money is uploaded to Payoneer account. And it was successful.

    However, I couldn't upload the remaining money, it show up the above message.


    Where is the problem?




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    Hello @yegeta You need US Payment service for this action




    Click the top bar of your account, then Receive Payments and apply for US Payment Request
    If you are already applied, and you have the detail then you can use in your Skrill account 
    Good luck
    Best Regards
  • yegetayegeta Member Posts: 3
    Hello @MyWay,
    Thank you for your reply and help!
    Who would be the contact person and his/her email address
    I couldn't find it on my skrill account.
    thanks again
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