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Hi Everyone,


So i signed up for Braintree Payments to accept payments from my website. Braintree Payments is similar to Stripe , , 2Checkout etc. There was a payment that has been settled last week Friday (07/04/14) and yesterday (Monday 07/07/14). But until now I haven't seen a payment from my USPS. Does payoneer accept payments from Braintree Payments?


Help please.




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    Up please. 

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    Please note that ACH payments through the US Payment Service may take up to 7 business days to reach your Payoneer balance. Please note the July 4,5 and 6 were not business days.


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    Hi Romi,


    I just called Braintree Payments and they send a batch through Direct Deposit. And as they said it should be on my bank 2-3 Business day from the day they transferred the fund.I'm hoping for it's arrival today.


    Another Question: The status of my USPS for "ID Documents Uploaded" is still "SUBMITTED" . Would that be a problem once the fund arrive on my USPS ?



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    Hi Vida,

    Did you recieved payment from braintree ??
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